Essential Oils for Relieving Constipation and Upset Stomach

Ugh, a stomach ache. It is hard to think about anything else when your stomach is giving you problems. It’s one of those bodily reactions to a variety of variables that absorbs all of your attention until relief is found. It is also understandable that the equally unenumerable choices of over-the-counter products sought after come […]

Manuka Essential Oil – A Member of the Tea Tree Family

Manuka has become a trendy word thrown about by celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, but what is the hype behind Manuka honey? And why are we talking about honey on an essential oil blog? Fear not, we have all of the answers for you! While Manuka honey has many fantastic benefits, we will be focusing on […]

Geranium Essential Oil: Its Uses, Benefits, and Healing Properties

Geranium is often referred to as the “poor man’s rose” and is a powerful floral oil in the essential oil world. If you can’t grab a rose, grab a geranium! This is exciting stuff because if you are like me and are obsessed with the smell of roses but not super excited about the punch, […]

Lime Essential Oil – A Citrus Powerhouse

When we think about limes, we might think about fresh margaritas or small islands in the Florida Keys. While those are both excellent uses of limes, they also give rise to an essential oil that is powerful and smells delicious. Limes are a fantastic fruit that produces impressive benefits for health and wellness! In this […]

The Top 7 Essential Oils to Treat Your Sinus Infection

Have you ever had all of the symptoms of a cold– stuffy nose, congestion, cough, headache– but it lasts a bit longer than it should, and you begin to wonder, could this be something more serious? Could it be a sinus infection? Well, it just might be! In this article, you will learn the symptoms […]

Best Essential Oils for Aching and Sore Feet

Whether you’ve just completed a long hike or you regularly spend long hours working on your feet, foot pain is something we have probably all experienced at some point. It’s uncomfortable, debilitating, and downright frustrating! Since we don’t all have someone who can give us a nice foot massage, we can use essential oils to […]

Turmeric Essential Oil: Its Powerful Uses and Benefits

There are so many beautiful and powerful alternative plant-based medicines out there right now, and that can sometimes be overwhelming. There are talk shows that tell you what to take, the hundreds of advertisements you see and your friends continually talking about what works for them, I want to give you simple, to the point […]

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Spaces

One of the best things about essential oils is the incredible scents that they produce! Aromatherapy can be great for use in different rooms of a house or office space. Not only do essential oils hold an aromatherapeutic benefit, but they also have the potential to disinfect the air and reduce mold and other harmful […]

Frankincense Essential Oil: The Ancient Oil of Kings

What is Frankincense? Whether you are new to the world of essential oils or not, frankincense is one that almost everyone has at least heard of. Most of us think of the story in the bible about Jesus as a newborn and the three wise men that brought him some frankincense and myrrh. The story […]